Friday, January 18, 2008

Run's House was so good last night!

It made me tear up.

First, Angela and Vanessa were finally going to leave for LA. They had their plane tickets.

THEN, Rev & Justine found out that they were bringing home their new adopted daughter on the same day that the other girls were leaving.

JoJo (the oldest boy) was all ready for the girls to go so that he could move into their old room. He kept yelling at them "GO! GO! I want to move into my new room!"

But then they day before the girls were supposed to leave, he had lunch with them & their mother & step father.

He cried.

Basically he said that for his whole life, they've been there. There are things he couldn't talk about with his younger brothers or his parents, but he could always talk to his sisters.

The girls were shocked by this because of the way he had been acting.

The younger boys & JoJo planned a "Welcome Home" party for the new baby.

On "Baby Day", the older girls were in the limo on the way to the airport & talking about how the decision to leave before they met their baby sister didn't sit right with them so they made a U turn & arrived back home to meet their new sibling.

The new baby, Miley Justine Simmons, is SO CUTE! You can watch the full episode here.

Reverend Run's family is exactly the type of family in which I WISH I had grown up. They all love each other, and it shows. They are positive role models on TV regardless of color or religion or any other factor that I can think of.

They are inspirational. I love them!

Celebrity Apprentice

Gene Simmons was fired. Thank GOD! The guy's an arrogant asshole. But I really think he wanted to be fired because he picked 2 people to go with him into the boardroom who hadn't done anything wrong.

Whatever. I'm glad he's gone, LOL.

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