Saturday, January 26, 2008

Reality Show Wrap Up

Gone Country - CMT
I couldn't nail down a specific time that new episodes premiere, but just like MTV, Bravo & VH1, it's shown ALL THE TIME, LOL.

So, John Rich of Big & Rich has decided to get musicians/singers from different genres and see if he can make them into country stars.

The celebs (besides Rich) are:

Maureen McCormick - Marsh Brady from the Brady Bunch

Sisqo - From Dru Hill. Best known for "The Thong Song"

Carnie Wilson - From Wilson Phillips

Bobby Brown - From New Edition. Best known for getting Whitney Houston to smoke crack & the song "My Prerogative"

Dee Snider - From Twisted Sister

Diana DeGarmo - From American Idol

Julio Iglesias Jr - Enrique's Brother. I don't know that he's known for anything other than that...

This is an interesting premise. I cannot begin to imagine Bobby Brown or Sisqo "Going Country". I didn't even know that Marsha Brady sang.

They will each have to write their own country song (With the help of a team that was picked by John Rich. Each celeb has his/her own duo.) and perform the song live in front of a true Country Music Fan filled audience.

The first show was just introducing the different personalities and hooking them up with their songwriting duos.

The funniest parts (to me) were when Dee Snider freaked out about not having any coffee, then he insulted Country music & then Rich showed all the celebs what people on the street were saying about them "Going Country".

I will be watching it to see what happens. I do not know if I'll remember to keep you updated.

My Big Redneck Wedding

I love this show. I am always amazed at just how "Redneck" some people can be, LOL.

Just like Gone Country, I don't know a specific time for new episodes. But I've already watched a new one today. (I know it repeats tonight at 11pm EST.)

This one was about Geneva (19) and Kyle (18). I will not rant about their ages, even though it is very tempting.

Kyle is really into making things explode. And he has a high pitched laugh. When he tried to make a 4 foot groom's cake by himself (chocolate with candy corn 'surprises' mixed in) and it didn't work out, he shot it with a shotgun.

Then laughed.

Geneva's Bridal Shower was basically one of those sex toy parties.
Kyle's Bachelor party consisted of throwing lit bottle rockets at each other. Then after the first dude fell asleep, Kyle wrote "Boobs" on his forehead with permanent marker.

Then laughed.

Geneva wore what looked like an emerald colored prom dress as her wedding gown. Everyone else in the wedding party wore camo.


For their reception, they had: cornbread & pinto beans (WITH Chow Chow), fried pig ears, pigs in a blanket, some other pickled was furreal doh country food.

For their wedding presents, Kyle bought his bride a pink shotgun looking thing. He said they could hunt squirrels with it. Geneva got her groom a skink? (Some little lizard).

Please watch this show so you can see the type of people by whom I'm surrounded.

OMG! I want BET to make "My Big Ghetto Fabulous Wedding". That would be DA BOMB!

America's Best Dance Crew Premiers Thursday, Feb. 7 @ 10pm EST.

So, I don't know, 12? dance crews from across the country were chosen to be on a live casting show. (I don't know if it was live. It recorded today. It will air again. Ad nauseum.)

The host is Mario Lopez (Has he always talked like he thinks he's a rapper?). He's very irritating.

The judges are JC Chazez from N'Sync, Lil' Mama & Shane Sparks from "So you think you can dance".

All I have to say is that the judges fucked up. At one point, it was between a girl dance crew who looked like cheerleaders & basically just shook their asses & a boy dance crew on roller skates that KICKED ASS! The judges picked the girls. *sigh*

At least the audience showed the slutty girl crew how they felt about them being picked over "Break Skate". They booed the bitches. (Break Skate ended up making it on the series after all.)

I wish they had video of Break Skate's performance on youtube already. It was awesome.

The "live" show was aight. I admit that I zapped through Mario's talking, all of the video that they showed before the actual performances, and most of the judge's comments. JC seems like the most honest Judge. (He's like Randy with "pitchy", except for him, ironically, it's being "in sync".) Shane Sparks thinks everything is "Hot & Sexy" (Yes. He told Break Skate that theirs was the "Sexiest performance of the night" right before he saw the dancing sluts.) I guess Lil Mama is the Paula Abdul of the bunch. Only not "sleep deprived" (AKA "Drugged out of her mind").

I like "So you think you can dance" better so far. But it will be interesting unless it starts conflicting with my other shows & I forget to watch one of the 5,000 reruns....

That is all.

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