Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How do you know when you have OCD?

I don't think I do...

Not much anyway.

But the other day I was eating some of those Chocolate pomegranate thingees. I had 6.

Evan got 1. (ONE??? WTF?)

Me - Get another one!
E - I thought you really liked those
Me - Dude. I had 6 of them. I wanted to eat all 6 of them. Now you took one. I'm not eating 5!!!!! Get another one so it will be even.
E - Why don't you just get another one out of the bag?
Me - Why don't you just jump up my butt? GET ANOTHER ONE OR GIVE THAT BACK!

So he got another one.

While looking at me like I'm a dee deedee.

I don't think I have OCD. Do you?

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