Saturday, January 26, 2008

10 Entrecard Credits from me!

That's not much, is it?

But all I'm asking you to do is leave me a voice comment.

You can leave voice comments over the phone, or with a microphone. You don't have to join Snapvine to do it. But you will have to leave me a message at Entrecard with your Entrecard e-mail address to receive the credits. (When you message me, please tell me the time that you made the comment & tell me, verbatim, what you said.)

Any inappropriate/vulgar/spam comments will be deleted and you will not get any credits. Any silent comments (just dead air) will not get credit, obviously.

If you sing me a SHORT song, or make me literally laugh out loud, you might even get more credits because I'm so generous. ;-p

If you blog about this on your blog (1 time only! Comment & leave me the link to the entry) I'll give you 25 credits.

I'm starting with these amounts because I don't really know how many voice comments I'll get. There's only so much chain dropping I can do in a day, LOL. Potentially, I could be EC Creditless with only 8 comments. (I still have OTHER advertising to buy, after all.)

1 voice comment/10ECC
+ 1 blog post about this/25ECC
= 35ECC total. 35x8 = 280

But you'll get your credits within 7 days if I'm not getting a buttload of voice comments & blog posts about this. :-)

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