Monday, December 31, 2007

Unbeatable Banzuke

Last night, Evan & I were flipping through the channels & saw a new show on G4.

It's called Unbeatable Banzuke. It's similar to Ninja Warrior...I guess. I mean, some of the dudes from Ninja Warrior were on it. I didn't see Makoto Nagano, but "Mr. Ninja Warrior" was on & the Crab Fisherman who was the first one to win Ninja Warrior set a new push up record of 307.

It's set to record now.

But other than what I saw the other night, I know nothing about it. It's not on youtube. I didn't find anything about it on google (other than other people who happened to see it.)

It will do until they have another Ninja Warrior series. Unless this is the replacement for that...

That is all.

Listening to: Morris Day - Cool
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