Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Because I'm evil


So I went shopping yesterday and got Evan some clothes.

I wrapped all the stuff before he came home from school and then left all of it on the couch.

I wrapped it in cereal boxes, the box that holds my checks when they come in the mail, just whatever box I could find.

So he gets home and almost shits himself, LOL!!

I left 2 hangers on the floor.

E - did you get me some clothes today?
Me - I didn't get you anything today!
E - well what are these? *holding up the hangers*
Me - OMG! Someone broke in to the house and vandalized it with hangers!!!
E - Ha Ha. You think you're funny, but you're just crazy
Me - Ok, I bought myself some clothes. And wrapped it. Because YOU don't ever get me anything for Christmas and I want something to open
E - Well, give me some money and I'll get you a present
Me - How about I just buy myself something and write your name on it?

Later in the day:

Me - Want to stay home from school tomorrow?
E - *excited* YES!!!
E - You're Evil

Later still:

E - I'm going to open these presents
Me - No
E - Just one?
Me - No
E - Well, what if I do?
Me - I left the price tag on it so I'll just take it back
E - What if I just rip off the tag?
Me - Tammy returned shit to wal mart that she'd had for months with no price tag, I'm sure they'll take it back.

Even later:

E - How about if you make me stay home from school tomorrow, I can open one of these presents?
Me - *laughing* If I make you stay home? That's funny! No

You know, torturing him with presents that he can't open is kind of fun for me, LOL. Maybe this Christmas season will get better after all.

Mommy Scrooge

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