Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Memeage 11/29/07

Thursday Challenge

3x Thursday

1. Do you think as humans, we'd be better off *without* feelings? Why/why not?

We're definitely better off with feelings. If I had no feelings, namely fear (of jail) and guilt (for sinning), Mommy Dearest would have been dead 20 years ago.

Just watch the news to see how fucked up some people are. The other day I heard three stories about child abuse in the same 30 minutes. Some dude duct taped his son to a chair and left him in a closet. A neighbor heard the kid screaming. Some daycare bitch taped a pacifier into a baby's mouth. And then there's the couple who beat their kid to death.

The whole world would be like prison if we couldn't put ourselves in the shoes of the person we want to harm.

Have you ever been abused? Have you ever had someone betray your trust? Have you ever had anything stolen from you? How did you FEEL? Doesn't it make you THINK about what you do every day?

2. So, you have a bad day at work. You put up with the day and then you go home. What do you do to relax and prepare for another work day?

Listen to music and/or veg out in front of the TV.

3. Do you worry about the big things (work, finances, tests) or the little things (broken cars, the house not being clean, a tear in your shirt)? Why?

Both. Because I have a lot of time on my hands, LOL.

Seriously, I worry about the big things more. I don't give a shit how the house looks. As long as we have food to eat off of clean dishes in a house with heat and The Boy wears clean clothes to school, I don't really care what else is going on. And a "broken" car is not a small thing. It's the ONLY thing that allows me to go out and get the food that we eat without having to ask people for "favors".

Thursday Threesome

Onesome: Therapeutic-- household addons: Do you use candles or aroma therapy or bath soaps or salts around your place?
I have all of that stuff. I rarely use it because I'm really sensitive to smells. And having a house that smells like potpourri brings back memories of childhood. (I avoid childhood memories whenever possible.)

Twosome: Moisturizing?-- How's the weather been? It's the rainy season in the US; what's happening where you live? It rained for 3 or 4 days earlier this week. Still hot, though. I only had on a short sleeved t-shirt when I went out today.

Threesome: Lotion-- Since it's Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it's dry skin time. Do you have any hand lotion suggestions for the gang?

I use lotion year round because I like the way I smell with it, I don't wear perfume & I'm ashy (ask a black person) without lotion.

For really extreme dry skin, coat your hands & feet (or whatever body part) in Vaseline & put on some old clothes that you don't care about messing up with grease stains & go to bed. When you wake up, you'll be as soft as a baby's bottom.

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