Saturday, November 17, 2007

Memes - The Saturday Edition

Saturday 6 - # 186

1. Considering your political views now versus seven years ago, do you think they have changed or remained the same? Changed.

2. Should a president be allowed to run for a third term? No.

3. Do you think a president would be able to accomplish more if he could only be elected to a single term? Sometimes I think so. Do they really every make major changes in their second term?

4. Take the quiz: Which political group most agrees with you? LIBERAL LIBERTARIAN

5. Can you imagine ever running for office? No.

6. Let’s suppose that you were a candidate, and that you found some real dirt that no one else knew about your opponent. If that candidate started a negative campaign against you, how tempted would you be to use that information? I wouldn't hesitate to let the info "leak", LOL.

Sat 8: Techy

Do you have any of the following gadgets, and what kind? when did you get them?

1. cellphone? I got the first one in the 90s. One of those bag phones. Now I have one. I don't know what kind and I'm not going to look.

2. digital camera? Yes. 1999? Kodak something or other

3. video camera? No

4. video game console? Yes. Gamecube. But I'm going to have to get a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 because the fuckers came out with a new lego star wars game and it doesn't come for the gamecube.

5. TiVo/DVR? DVR. I don't remember if it was 2005 or 2006

6. mp3 player/iPod? NO

7. laptop computer? I don't like laptops. I don't need one.

8. any widget or app on your phone or computer to makes your life easier (commute time calculator, on-time flight alert, zocdoc, etc.)? No.

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt

Theme: I love ____

I love My son, My Crush, Music, Winter & Wal-Mart. :-)

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