Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I LOVE Beckii.

I met Becky a while ago at JJHF. I don't remember how long ago it was.

She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met (online). She's hott. Her husband's hott. She's got the cutest little girl EVER. Even her dogs are cute, LOL.

I think the main reason I feel such affection for Becky is because she's one of the few people I interact with regularly that truly understands what it's like to have MS.

Most of the time, I can deal with having MS. I don't really have a choice about it, LOL. But sometimes it just gets to me. Bad.

This week has been a bad emotional week for me. I am more thankful than you can imagine that I feel just my normal physical pain and not something really bad, but sometimes emotional pain hurts worse.

I feel like I'm getting NO FUCKING SLEEP. When I try to sleep, I just lay there feeling sleepy but never actually falling asleep. If I lay there too long, my back starts hurting. So I have to sit up.

If I'm going to sit up, I may as well be online doing something....

So there's that joy.


Anyway, I can talk to Becky about my MS bullshit and she knows. It's awesome not having to try to explain what it feels like to someone. I don't usually have the patience for that anyway.

I guess it's like anything else in life. You can't really explain a situation, be it chronic disease, death of a loved one, losing your job or whatever. Only people who've experienced the same thing or have a loved one who's experienced it can begin to comprehend.

So, Becky is a great friend to have when I just need to vent about MS.

Other reasons that I love Becky:

She likes the crap I do with PSP, LOL. One of the reasons I've stopped tagging is that so many people are so effing picky. I feel like "I'm doing this shit for free. I AM NOT going back to change the color or font or anything endless times for you. Pay someone to do that shit!!!!" But whenever I do something for Becky, whether she asks for it or not, she is so grateful! That feels good. :-)

And finally, when our kids are older they're going to get married and give us GORGEOUS grandchildren! ;-)

I love you BECKII! Even though you spell my name "Angelicka", LOL.

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