Thursday, November 08, 2007

3x Thursday

3x Thursday: Randomness

1. Whether you have kids or not, if you were given a kid to take care of (say, it *had* to go to you for whatever reason), would you raise it? Why/why not? It depends on who the kid is. I wouldn't have a stranger in my house. I wouldn't have a child that isn't yet going to school. I wouldn't have a child that does not respect my authority.

2. How do you feel about pain meds? Do you like them? Do you condone the use of them for anything other than what they were prescribed for? Why/why not? I LOVE pain meds. No, I don't think that you should use them if they weren't prescribed for you. All the drug seeking that addicts do makes it harder to convince a doctor that I'm in legitimate pain. I have to practically be wheeled in and sobbing for a doctor who doesn't know me & my health history to prescribe a narcotic.

3. What's your favorite kid movie? Why? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The original with Gene Wilder. Because I can't think of another kid movie and I liked the original better than the one with Johnny Depp.

Question of the Day
Word Association:
Someone says "now" and I think
Move, bitch, get out da way
Right about now, funk soul brothers, check it out now

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