Friday, November 02, 2007

Dogmeat is tasty!

I watched Taboo: Gross Food yesterday.

In some places, they eat dog. It's "taboo" even to some people who live in the area. I don't remember which Asian country it was. But we (at least people I know) have all made jokes about getting dog in our Chinese food.

This doesn't disgust me as much as it probably does other people.

For one thing, they're not roasting the pooch whole and sticking a bone in it's mouth before they put it on the table.

I'm sure they chop it up into bite sized pieces first. Or they put it into a stew so it ends up looking shredded.

A couple of Americans who live there said it tasted like Duck.

I don't enjoy duck.

But the point is, at least for me, it's all meat.

I LOVE meat.

People eat tarantulas, maggots, roaches, bats & other stuff HERE. In America. A group of rich people have an Exotic Food Ball (or whatever they call it) annually.

I'd rather eat dog meat than a roach, LOL.

They stressed that the dogs were not pets. They come from a farm that breeds dogs specifically for food.

I really don't think a dog is any different than any other animal I've eaten.

I can't imagine eating a dog that belongs to someone in my family.

But someone needs to eat those fucking stray dogs that decide they MUST FIGHT every day at 6 am right outside my geedee window....

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