Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Triplet Meme

Stolen from Rosie. You should read her answers, they were amusing. :-)

3 Things that scare me
1. Burning to death
2. Ending up a vegetable
3. Falling on concrete

3 People who make me laugh
1. Evan
2. Arnez J
3. JJHF Peeps

3 Things I love
1. Hugh Laurie
2. Television
3. My computer

3 Things I hate
1. Maraschino cherries
2. Overdraft fees
3. Spineless people

3 Things I don’t understand
1. The national debt
2. Why God created mosquitos
3. Mandarin Chinese

3 Things on my desk
1. Tropicana Orangeade
2. Chap Stick
3. A mold of my teeth

3 Things I’m doing right now
1. Waiting for Apple to update my effing iTunes so I can listen to music
2. Hoping the ibuprofen kicks in so my neck will stop hurting
3. Writing this post

3 Things I want to do before I die
1. Have sex again
2. Own a house
3. Eat at Hell's Kitchen AFTER Gordon Ramsay has stopped closing down the kitchen every night

3 Things I can do
1. Beat Evan at video games
2. Avoid using a Spell Checker (Rosie's answer was so good I kept it!)
3. Refrain from housework indefinitely (Rosie)

3 Things I can’t do
1. Run
2. Stand still without looking drunk
3. Maintain my patience when dealing with idiots

3 Things I think you should listen to

1. What your kids say when they think you aren't listening
2. What your friends say when they are joking (allegedly)
3. What people who smile ALL THE TIME and claim they never get mad say when they're smiling in your face

3 Things you should never listen to

1. Celebrity "News"
2. Celebrities
3. Nagging

3 Shows I watched as a kid
1. The Jeffersons
2. The Carol Burnett Show
3. Little House on the Prarie

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