Saturday, October 06, 2007


Watched this last night (this morning).

It started kind of slow. It was funny right off the bat, so I was willing to stick with it even though I had to read subtitles, LOL.

For the first hour I kept thinking "Why are they doing that? What is the point of this? Did I fall asleep and miss some exposition????"

The second half of the movie KICKS ASS!

I know this movie came out a long time ago, but as previously stated (multiple times), I don't enjoy foreign films. I don't like having to read the subtitles, and different cultures (Japanese, for example) just believe different things. Different things scare them or move them emotionally.

But this was Mel Gibson.

Braveheart also kicked ass.

So I finally got it last night.

(I also got Bug - Piece of shit. Don't rent it. Marsh - It was aight. Soooo much better than Bug. But it made me jump once, so it gets the "ok" from me. & The Night Listener - Haven't watched it yet.)

It was so good that I didn't even get all the way through it before I started rewinding to watch the action over again. I stayed up, willingly, until 8 am watching parts over again. Then when I finished it, I watched certain scenes again.

I'll probably buy it.

By the end of this movie, Jaguar's Paw was looking kind of sexy to me, that's how good it is. Because when the movie first started, I thought all the men were ugly. I didn't even care that they were in loincloths I thought they were so ugly.

If you haven't seen this movie, rent it NOW. If you have, watch it again.

Read Russ' review of Apocalypto.

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