Sunday, October 21, 2007

Today - 10/21/07

I felt like crap.

But anyway.

We went to Mommy Dearest's to do some laundry instead of the laundromat.

My Grandmother came over. She's going deaf, apparently, but refuses to get a hearing aid.

E - Your dog got out of the fence.
GMa - Your stomach hurts? What's wrong.

We (my mother, Evan and I) all cracked up for about 10 minutes. She just said it so fast! OMG. I'm laughing again just thinking about it.

Entyway, she then said that she heard people can watch you through your TV.

I am seriously concerned that she's in the early stages of Alzheimer's. She'll ask a question and then 5 minutes later ask the same thing. I've told my mother she need to take her to the doctor and have her tested. All of her kids have noticed this, but no one wants to say anything to her. If it IS Alzheimer's, the longer they wait for her to get treatment, the worse it will be, right?

I don't remember what else happened today.

I have to go watch the reruns of "So you think you can dance" that I taped today. I know Benji won that season, but some of the routines were great and I want to see them again.


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