Friday, October 19, 2007

The last few days

Have been hellish.

I've been nauseous for days.

Every once in a while I FEEL like someone hit me in the back with a bat. It HUUUUUUUUUUURTS. I can't move or breathe for a few seconds. The act of inhaling mulitiplies the pain.

It doesn't make any sense.

I mean, if it happened when I bent over, I wouldn't bend over. If it happened when I sit "Indian Style", I wouldn't do that.

But no.

It's totally random & makes me afraid to move.


Anyway, last night I took a sleeping pill & 25 mg of Melatonin at 10 pm.

At 2 am I took 25 more mg of Melatonin.

It's 3 PM on THE NEXT FUCKING DAY and I still haven't slept.


I'm in such a bad mood.

I'll probably get sleepy at 5 pm, when Evan is home making noise, and then I won't be able to sleep


The boy will decide to be quiet and I'll fall asleep and wake up at 9 pm with a massive headache and then be up all night again.


I hate insomnia.

This can't be good for my health. Seriously.

I used to be able to go grocery shopping or whatever while Evan was at school, but these days I'm afraid I'm too sleep deprived to drive without killing myself of someone else, so I'm stuck in the house.

Which would be fine if I felt like it was a choice. But I don't feel like it is, so it's like house arrest.

The only thing that would be worse -

Nevermind. If I say that it might happen.

I want a chimichanga.

That is all.

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