Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Memes

Five on Friday

Would you rather...

1: eat nothing but chocolate or go without chocolate for the rest of your life? Go without chocolate. Even something good gets old after a while.

2: stub your toe or get a paper cut? Get a paper cut.

3: write the news or make the news? Write the news. I can't imagine what good I would do to make the news, LOL.

4: lose 10 pounds or gain 10 IQ points? Gain 10 IQ points. I don't think you can ever be too smart.

5: wear a costume to work or wear normal clothes to a Halloween party? Wear normal clothes to a Halloween party.


Q1 - Jerry Chrisman Asks: What is one of your favorite words? Fuck.

Q2 - Steve Lindhorst Asks: How do react when you are out in public and approached by someone carrying a clipboard asking for your signature on a petition or requesting that you participate in a survey? I listen to what the petition or survey is for. As long as they aren't trying to sell me anything, I'll give them a couple of minutes.

Q3 - Jake Sabey Asks: I have a friend that I have never seen wear blue jeans, a friend who claims to never have tried Ketchup, and yet another friend who cannot help but say "Bless You" immediately upon hearing someone--anyone--sneeze. What do your friends or peers know you for?
I have no idea. And I don't think I care...

Q4 - Katie Hanks Asks: Have you ever met anyone famous? If so who and where? No.

Friday Fiver

1. What is sweet? Sugar.

2. What hours do you work? I try to avoid work at all hours. Avoiding work is my job.

3. When do you relax? When I'm alone.

4. How did you learn about the birds and the bees? Probably when I read my first romance book (which I DO NOT do anymore and think should be rated R so that no one under 17 can read that bullshit.)

The Alternative Friday Five *See, personality/background really influences how I "read" a sentence, LOL. I was thinking "Alternative to the regular Friday Five" but I think they meant alternative as it relates to sexuality. Whatever*

1. What do people tend to assume about you, because it's the perceived cultural norm, that isn't true (e.g. sexual orientation, gender, religion)? What is the reality? That I'm a democrat. That I like shopping. That I go to those black churches that you see on TV where the preacher is screaming and the choir is awesome. The reality is that I vote for the best candidate regardless of their party. I hate shopping. When I do go to church (rarely) I prefer the ones that only last an hour and no one is screaming or doing the "Holy Ghost Dance".

2. Which of those things are you "out" about (i.e., which ones do you tend to choose to explicitly reveal or clarify)? Why? Shopping. Because I really hate shopping & I hate that I get grouped in with all the chicks who really like doing all that girly crap.

3. Which of those things are you not "out" about? Why? My political stance. It's hard being black & not being a democrat. Or liberal. In my family, anyway.

4. Does your level of "outness" vary between social situations (e.g. work, family, friends)? If yes, what are the differences? Yes. I really don't tell my relatives anything about myself, LOL. Strangers know me better. BECAUSE, when I was growing up, the people who were supposed to love me most no matter what would use whatever I said to hurt me. I learned to keep my opinions to myself around them.

5. How would you define "coming out"? Finally not giving a shit what others would think/do/say & saying how I really feel.

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