Wednesday, August 08, 2007

School started today.

Evan couldn't sleep last night.

He kept coming downstairs and talking to me.

Me - You do realize that you'll be getting up a 6 am tomorrow, right? That's 7 hours from now.
He - Well I can't sleep.
Me - Well have you tried? You keep coming down here. How do you know you haven't slept and just got awakened by some noise outside? You have to LAY THERE.

Whatever. I told him he wasn't missing the first day of school and that he would be dragging his sleep deprived ass around today if he wouldn't go to bed.

So when the alarm went off (it woke me up too) he went into the bathroom and turned it off. Then tried to go back to sleep.

Me - What are you doing?
He - I just turned off the alarm. Now I'm going back to bed.
Me - Take a shower and brush your teeth.
He - OH!

So I don't think I got to sleep until 2 or 3 am. Had to stay up at 6 to make sure Evan caught the bus. I finally got sleepy at 10 or so, then the bug man came.

Why is it that whenever I get less sleep than usual, that's the day the people come and knock on my door or let their toddler play with the phone so they end up accidentally calling me and waking me up all damned day?

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