Friday, May 04, 2007

Random Stuff

Well since my back was hurting so bad this week I really didn't blog all that much or visit any blogs other than my daily reads.

I'm considering going to visit all the other Friday's Feasters. But my back JUST stopped hurting so bad, so I don't think I should sit here that long.

Yesterday when I went to Wal-Mart, I was looking for something (anything) to help my back. (Yes, I refilled my Lortab prescription, but I don't like taking that all the time.)

MOST of them had the same active ingredients in the same dosages. Like Excedrin Migraine Relief is THE SAME as Excedrin back & body pain. Maybe there's caffiene in one and not in the other.

Anyway, Goody's has a new "Cool Orange" flavor.

I know Goody's works fast, but it tastes like SHIT. It had more of something than the other pain relief products so I got it.

I thought, because I just tried a free sample of Alavert the other day that tasted good and WORKED for OVER 24 hours, that this new Goody's powder might not taste so bad. (FYI, both Evan and I have allergies. Even with the prescription meds he's on, he's usually sniffling all day. I didn't hear a sniff or a sneeze from him until about 7pm the day AFTER he took the Alavert. It will be our new OTC allergy medication from now on.)

I was wrong.

It just tasted like ground up aspirin on which someone had spilled a tiny bit of orange mouthwash.

But it worked.


That or the Aleve I started taking earlier this week finally kicked in. I've had it all along, but I heard on the news that NSAIDS reduce your risk of heart disease if taken regularly. Or something. I wasn't really listening. But taking Naproxen Sodium is more palatable to me than a steroid shot in my back.

What was I saying?

No Idea.

I'm out!


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