Sunday, April 15, 2007


I LOVE Madea.

Anyway, I just re-watched that video clip from The Money Pit (previous post) and decided to search for Madea.

Here's one I found.

I've never seen a Tyler Perry Play that didn't have that speech from "The Color Purple in it somewhere. It woudln't be Madea if he couldn't fit it into The Black Movie awards somewhere. (he was hosting)

I think this is my favorite Tyler Perry Play. "Madea's Class Reunion"

I often wonder if people who aren't black get all of the pop culture references in his plays. Comment if you don't know WTF he's doing/talking about when he's talking to the chick on the settee, please.

From "Why did I get married?"

From "Madea goes to jail". This is the first time we (the audience) had ever heard Tyler Perry sing. Usually I FF through the songs in his plays, because they're religious and/or stuff that's before my time. But in this play there's a scene where everybody sings (not all at the same time) and those are songs that I know and can sing along to. :-) This clip is just Madea singing, though.

THIS is why I watch Tyler Perry plays. There's always has a lesson in there. I still haven't accepted the "Forgiveness" lesson, but I'm working on it.

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