Thursday, April 26, 2007

I have a massive headache

After I picked Evan up at tutoring today, I laid on the heating pad and fell asleep.

I woke up about 30 minutes ago. With the massive headache. Apparently 5 hours of sleep in one stretch is too much for my body to handle.

Post whored at JJHF. (I haven't done that in a while)

Now, just some random stuff that I've wanted to post about for days but I didn't think they each deserved their own post.

I can't remember.


1. I don't know when showing your roots became acceptable.

We've all seen the women who think they should have been born blonde so they bleach their mahogany colored hair to a fried yellow color. But the other day I saw a woman with 3 inches (3!!!) of gray hair, and then a red that is nowhere in the natural spectrum of color. I've seen the 80 year old women with jet black hair.

Please go to a fucking salon, people. They will tell you that you need to touch up your roots every once in a while. I think the recommended time is 6 weeks. They will also inform you that you will not fool anyone with jet black hair.

Jet black hair doesn't even look natural on me.

I found this out by dyeing my hair jet black.

My hair is dark chocolate, apparently.

2. Some 80s music is still REALLY good.

I listened to it Wednesday night. And I found myself thinking "Wow! This is still an awesome song." Normally I just want to hear one song from that era. But I guess I got distracted doing something else so I listened to quite a lot of it.

Some of those songs could still be hits today.

Others are so incredibly stupid, I realize that I must have been out of my mind when I listened to them at 13, LOL.

I was such a Valley Girl back then. Oh My Gawd. Like, after I moved here to the boonies (gag me with a spoon), we went back for a visit. I, like, called my old friends. They, like said "like" every other word. They, like, sounded soooooooo stupid. I realized I must have sounded like that while I lived there.

That's when I decided to eliminate superfluous words from my conversation.

I don't say "Um" or "uh" in real life. I'm sure I sound 10X more intelligent in real life than I sound on this blog, LOL. If the names on this blog were different, I bet people in this town could read it and not know who this person was.

That's interesting...

There's the Public Angelika, and the At Home Angelika. The Public Angelika is very shy and terrified of looking stupid. So I don't speak ebonics or say "whatever" in public. Only at home or with family/friends.

That's why everyone is intimidated by me. After I get to know someone, they say "I was afraid to talk to you."


But anyway, it takes me a while to warm up and relax around people.

I've noticed that there's a Public Evan and an At Home Evan too.

In public, or at school, he speaks the same way I do. That's why everyone thinks he's a genius. (Great!) Then he comes home and puts on this fake southern accent.

Whenever he calls his Nana, he speaks to her with that accent.

She mentioned it to me one day. I said "I guess he feels relaxed around you."

The Boy is not one eighth as shy as I am. He'll talk to anyone. Really. But I wonder if he feels tense in public. Why does HE change how he speaks when he's in a relaxed environment? I know why I do it.

Or maybe I'm just manufacturing things to worry about?


WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Advil has finally kicked in! Now I can watch all the shit that taped while I slept. :-)

3. or Whatever. I don't do well with lists.

I practically shaved my head. I cut it off to 1/4 of an inch with the clippers. I had been trying to grow it out enough to braid it again for the summer. It got to about 3 inches. But it was soooooooooo big with the afro. It disturbed me. I turned my head and the hair wouldn't move, LMAO! I didn't want to perm it because I KNOW I will not keep up with the touch ups like I should and it's too short to be able to just comb the top hair over all the kinky hair underneath until I can get it done.

Anyway, I can feel my scalp again!!!!

But every time I go to the bathroom and see myself, I look like my brother. Which is ok. He's cute too. But he's a boy man. I don't want to look like a man.

I'll put some makeup on one day and take a picture. It will have to be soon because my hair grows fast. Especially when the weather is hot. Which is why I should have braided it, LOL.


I'll get a wig. Like Britney. *hurl*

I can't remember anything else I had intended to write about.

But since I won't be sleeping anymore for the next 24 hours (if history is any indication), I might come back and amend this post.


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