Friday, March 23, 2007


So I got to sleep at 5 o'clock this morning.

Woke up at 6:45 because I had set my alarm to make sure Evan got on the bus.

Fell asleep after he left at 7. Woke up at 9.

Boy that was a restful night...

Anyway, this chick comes over from Humana (Health insurance) at about 11:30.

She was supposed to call at 1.


She told me about the Medicare Advantage plans they have.

After paying $473 for a root canal I thought I'd look into getting some extra coverage since Medicare doesn't cover dental or vision.

She was here about an hour. Very nice lady.

The policy costs $89/month. Does not cover dental or vision.

So I said "I think I'll just stick with my Part D coverage. Why should I pay 90 dollars a month for something that's not going to help me out unless I get in a wreck and have to go in the hospital for a stay???"

She said "But IF you have to go, you'll have some coverage."

I said "I'll take my chances."

That's like the fucking car insurance that I have to pay for every 6 months even though I barely drive and I haven't been in an accident for YEARS. (The one accident I had wasn't even my fault.)

Medicare sucks.

Anyway, Mommy Dearest came over at about 3:15 because I told her we were going to get Evan's new glasses after school. She said she'd drive and she'd get an oil change at the same time.

So we did that.

Evan's new glasses don't look much different than his old glasses in this picture

But if I had a better webcam you could see the difference. The old ones are kind of redish. The new ones are all black and more square.

My baby had to get adult sized frames this time. *Sniff*

Won't be long before he's towering over me.


What else?

Then we went to Evan's favorite Chinese restaurant. Fridays are seafood day. So they have crab legs and frogs legs and crawfish and oysters on the half shell. (Evan and I love crab legs)

Anyway, while we were eating, my mother gave me "the look" which means "Look over there, but don't be obvious about it."

This 75 year old man had a heaping plate of oysters.

She said "I think I'll take him home with me so he can rock my world." (You know, the whole oyster aphrodisiac thing...)
Me - Go ahead. You never know.
She - I DO know because I'm NOT going there, LOL.

After the first old guy ate 2 heaping plates of oysters, another senior citizen came in and did the same thing! Old men must love oysters (it's cheaper than viagra...I guess)

It was funny. None of the decent looking younger guys had oysters, LOL.

One thing that's always been strange to me - why go to a Chinese restaurant and then eat pizza??? I know they have it on the menu for kids, but why would an ADULT get PIZZA at a Chinese restaurant??? Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's and lots of other pizza places with GOOD pizza are within 5 minutes of the Chinese joint.


I took one of the Lortab's Candyman gave me the other day. Like...3 hours ago. My back has stopped hurting, but it still hasn't made me sleepy.

I HATE MY BODY!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even get sleepy with a fucking narcotic anymore.


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