Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday, March 24

I slept all day today.


I got up at 9am and woke Evan up because even though I told him to wash the dishes last night, he only washed some of them.

So I made him wash the rest this morning.

Fell asleep, woke up at 1pm.

Got up and told Evan to separate his clothes so we can do the laundry tomorrow.

Went downstairs to watch "Bizarre Foods" and the other stuff I'd taped on DVR. Fell asleep. Woke up at 3pm when my cousin knocked on the door.

Her oldest son's birthday is tomorrow

She - Can Evan come over today?
Me - Yes
She - Damn, that was fast. T is having a birthday tomorrow and M (his younger brother) is with his dad and T wouldn't want him there anyway because he'd just be getting into everything and he probably wants someone his own age.
Me - Ok
She - So I said "Well, who do you want to come over? I'll go over there and ask if they can spend the night and of course he said Evan." So can Evan spend the night?
Me - Yes
She - Ok, well I'm going to go unload my groceries and Evan can pack some clothes for tomorrow and his PJs and I'll come back. Tomorrow we're just going to have a cook out.
Me - Ok
She - Damn! You're just like 'whatever'
Me - You can keep him all week! I know where you live. (She used to live right beside me so Evan and T saw each other every day. Then she moved and they only saw each other at school. Now that Evan's in middle school they never see each other. Plus she used to have her abusive Baby Daddy living with her so of course I wouldn't let Evan go over there and spend time around THAT motherfucker. If she wants to fuck up her kids for life, that's her business - her oldest son has already talked about killing The Abusive Bastard, I think he's serious - but I will not subject my son to that. I could write a whole blog about how her life has been ruined ever since she got involved with that Bitch Ass Motherfucker, but I won't.)
She - Ok! I'll be back!

So Evan packed in 5 seconds and then had to sit there for about an hour waiting for her to come back.


Now if I had a fuck buddy this would be awesome, LOL.

As it is, I just have to listen to my loud ass neighbors having their own cookout and riding their fucking 4 wheelers in the back. I am calling the cops at 10:00:01 if they're still out there making noise.

You have a house. GO IN IT and make all your damned noise. I don't need to hear your drunk ass friends singing at all hours.


I feel like I have PMS. But I don't. Evan has been getting on my nerves SO BAD ALL WEEK. First he kept asking me every day when we were going to get his glasses, even though I told him last week that we would get them on Friday. Then it seemed like I had to tell him every fucking thing at least 5 times. "Stop taking off your clothes downstairs and leaving them where ever. You have a hamper, use it. Wash the dishes. Keep my walkway clear, stop leaving your toys all around."

I had to reapeat it over and over all geedee week. This morning I told him to put all of his white underwear and socks in the green basket. So of course I went and looked in his room and there were socks everywhere. He just didn't LOOK.

I think I tell him every day "If you cook something in the microwave, put the garbage in the trash RIGHT AWAY." Like popcorn or a TV dinner or whatever. Every day I have to tell him to put his garbage in the trash. I tell him not to leave dishes lying around, that's how people get roaches. But EVERY GEEDEE DAY he tries to go to bed or whatever after leaving his shit lying around. So I go wake him up and make him pick it up.

Today I said "I tell you the same things every day. Just like 'pick up your clothes, don't leave them lying around' and you do anyway. I've told you to look for stuff and you say you don't see it, then when I get up and look, it's RIGHT WHERE I SAID IT WOULD BE. Pay Attention!!! YOU are the reason I nag. Because YOU DON'T LISTEN. You don't LOOK. You don't PAY ATTENTION to what you're doing."

OMG. He's making me turn into my mother. I hate that.

He used to listen. He used to only make me tell him something once.

But ever since he turned 10 he's started turning into a teenager/typical male.

He drives me insane.

I think he's going to end up dead or I'm going to end up in the Looney Bin before he's out of HS.

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