Friday, March 23, 2007

Racial Epithets

So the other day Evan came home and told me there's some new boy in school who called another kid a nigger. All the black kids beat the boy up & the little Klan member got suspended.

Today my mother calls me and asks me to look up "Moon Cricket". I thought it was some new shoe company.

From Urban Dictionary:

3. moon cricket
297 up, 21 down

Derived from early slave times when black people would come out at night and sing slave songs under the moonlight like crickets.

Hey! Billy Bob and Joline, grab the shotguns the damn moon crickets are escaping from the plantation

Someone called my mother's hairdresser a Moon Cricket. Got his ass beat for it.


When will my people realize that words like "Nigger" and "Moon Cricket" (I'd never heard that before) are said with the intent of pissing us off?

Ignore the shit.

Your reaction is what gives the word "power".

Idiots. ALL of the involved people are idiots.

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