Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One day I will have wrinkles


My mother is literally a senior citizen and she doesn't have wrinkles. My grandmother is 85. Or something. She has wrinkles, but she'd OLD. She's supposed to.

I have no problem with gray hair.

I mean I have no problem because I can afford hair dye. LOL. I've had the odd gray hair since I was a teenager.

MY MOTHER refuses to dye her hair because she claims she likes the gray.

Then why are there big black stains on all of her pillowcases and hats? Because she uses mascara to fill in the spots where she doesn't want gray.

I don't think she's ever used mascara on her eyelashes. But she buys it for her hair.

*rolling eyes*

I wonder how I'll react when I see my first wrinkle. I wonder how old I'll be?

Looking at everyone else getting older is weird. I can see that they are getting older but I don't see it in relation to me.

The last time I saw my brother, he looked like a middle aged man. Which he almost is. He'll be 40 this year. He looked old. Of course, he'd just had bypass surgery, so maybe that's why he looked so rough.


I don't feel like a 30 something. To be honest I never thought I'd live this long, LMAO! I thought I'd push somebody to kill me way before now....

My knees still hurt. My feet still hurt. I feel like I'm getting a cold even though I've been drinking that Crystal Light Immunity shit for 2 weeks. I FEEL 80. But I still get carded.


When I get a wrinkle, I will decorate it with silver eyeliner and wear it like what it is. A badge of survival. I will have survived in spite of all the idiots I've had to deal with all my life.

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