Saturday, March 10, 2007

Music on your blog

I KNOW I'm not the only person to have posted something like this, but it needs to be said again.


Think about it from your visitor's perspective for one mothereffing second, ok?

When I browse, I have my headphones on so that I can listen to music that I WANT TO HEAR.

So when I click, unsuspectingly, on the link to your page I get blasted in the ears with some fucking shit I would only listen to if someone tied me up and was torturing me.


I've visited a lot more websites the past couple of days because I was doing the photo hunt thing. More than once I had to scroll to try and find the video or player that was playing some awful shit THAT I DIDN'T ASK TO LISTEN TO.

If I'm on BlogExplosion and trying to vote in a Battle of Blogs, or just trying to earn some credits, I'm forced to listen to this SHIT THAT I DON'T WANT TO HEAR for 30 seconds.


We all get that you're excited that you can have your favorite song playing on your blog when people come to visit you. Yippie Skippie for YOU.

I may (probably) have different tastes in music than you do.

When I'm surfing for no other purpose than surfing, I get off the page ASAP without even reading.

So, if you have some type of business, or if you get paid to blog and you want people to click your links, TURN THE GODDAMNED MUSIC OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do you insist upon doing this?

It's RUDE.

At least when I post 57 youtube videos of Hugh Laurie, you have the OPTION to watch the video or not. You inconsiderate bastards that have autoplay music that starts up on page load MAKE IT HARD TO ENJOY YOUR EFFING WEBSITE.

One chick had Nelly playing. I happen to like the song. I have it on my itunes.


STOP THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't have music on your blog without it automatically playing, take it off.

It's common courtesy.


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