Friday, March 09, 2007

I watched Borat

I usually buy DVDs before I see them because it makes no sense to me to spend close to $5 to rent a movie and then another $15 for the DVD. BUT there are some movies that you can really only watch once. They aren't as funny as the first time (like Jackass).

So I rented this one yesterday. I had a free rental, so it didn't even cost me anything. (Wheeeeeeeee)

Borat did not meet my expectations. *sigh*

I wish I knew someone who had the same taste in movies that I do. Everyone else says "OMG it's soooooooo funny!" (Those are the same people who thought "The Grudge" was soooooooooo scary...)

It had it's funny moments. I mean, it was funnier than a lot of alleged comedies, but it didn't make me laugh so hard that I cried. My abs aren't hurting today. It was just funny.

I'm more amazed at the stupidity (WHY I'm still amazed at other people's stupidity is beyond me...) of some people. I can't help but wonder what these people thought when they knew that they had been had. When untold millions know that you are an effing idiot.

I'm also amazed that Sacha Baron Cohen can look so cute as Ali G and so UGLY as Borat, LOL. It's amazing what a haircut and a goatee can do.

I love Ali G, btw. I have one season of "Da Ali G" show on DVD and the movie "Ali G indahouse". The movie amazed me the first time I saw it. THAT is comedy. And Ali's stupidity doesn't bother me because I get that it's his character. Cohen is obviously not stupid or he couldn't have made so many people mad with Borat.


I just didn't love the movie.

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