Friday, March 09, 2007

Photo Friday

So I was surfing blogs and Crazy Hip Blog Mamas has "Photo Friday". Today's theme is "Your silly little baby face". So here's my Photo for Phriday.

This was when Evan was about 3. We had been finger painting when I suddenly had the urge to evacuate my bowels. (TMI? HA!) So I put the caps on the fingerpaints and went upstairs. A few minutes later he comes up to the bathroom and says "Mommy, I'm a monstah! Raaaaaaaaaaaahr!" It was so funny I had to take pictures.

I hadn't told him NOT to mess with the finger paints. I hadn't told him not to paint himself. AND I hadn't put them out of his reach.

At the time my mother had my camera so I had to drive down to her house to take pictures.

She looked horrified! LMAO.

She - What did he doooooooooooo?
Me - Made himself a Monstah!
She - Will it wash off????
Me - It's water based.
She - I hope he doesn't have a reaction.
Me - *wishing like hell I hadn't loaned her my camera* Well if he does, he'll know not to do it again.
She - How are you going to get it off??????????
Me - In the bath...


I love the pic! He was so proud of himself, LOL.

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