Friday, March 09, 2007


Seems like it's been a busy day.

I guess it has, kind of.

First, I got up around 10. I slept last night. (Yessssssssssssss).

Then I got online. I finally figured out that I make more credits at BlogExplosion by voting in the Battle of the Blogs (We will hencforth use the acronym BOB.) So I voted in about 20 of those.

Then I accepted a challenge myself. And won. (Yesssssssssssssssss!) I'm up to 1200+ in the ratings now, LOL.

Then at about 3 pm (!!!! I didn't know I'd been online so long. No wonder my butt hurt) I finally showered.

The Boy came home at 3:26 and I told him to call Nana and ask her if she wanted to go out to dinner & to Wal-mart.

For some reason, Evan always puts the phone on speaker phone when he's talking to my mother. I've told him that I don't NEED (read: WANT) to hear his conversations but he does it anyway.

He called her and asked her. She said "No".

So he brought the phone upstairs while I was still in the tub (so I had to sit there for 10 effing minutes because I was naked behind the shower curtain) and convinced her to go.

I told her I found some new Al Green videos on youtube.

She - I can watch them without going out to dinner. I'm was taking a nap.
Me - No. You can't watch them if you don't go out to dinner.

Since I told The Boy that he couldn't spend the night with her anymore until school is over, I thought it would be nice for him to see her. And this morning he told me he really wanted to go "somewhere" after school today.

So I finally convinced her to come be my chauffeur be our guest at dinner tonight.

So we went out to Western Sizzlin. (I like to go there or Cracker Barrel because they take checks and I didn't want to go to the bank.)

Then we went to Wal-Mart.

Then we came back here so she could watch Al.

She was here for 3 fucking hours.

I was going to post more, including excerpts from the conversation, but I just realized I'm tired.

Really tired.


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