Monday, February 26, 2007

Well I tried

I had the best of intentions.

Evan got up at 5:40. Took his temperature. It was 102.6????

HOW can he get sick with something else while he's on antibiotics???

Anyway, I said "Take some tylenol and a shower. You're going to school."

So after his shower, he was wheezing. I said "Take a breathing treatment." (To head off the whole asthma attack shit.) So he did.

I said "Put your shoes on and make sure you have all your school stuff ready to go."

So he's standing by the door wheezing in spite of the breathing treatment and a puff of his inhaler.

I said "DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep your clothes on, we're going to the Dr."


I was so sleepy, LOL. I didn't get to sleep until 3am. And he kept coughing once he got down here so every time he did it would jerk me awake.

He got 3 more days of antibiotics, some cough medicine and another asthma medication.

I might as well give up and start homeschooling.


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