Monday, February 26, 2007


Well, I had planned on doing laundry.

But Evan still has 5 pair of clean pants so FUCK IT! LOL.

He came home yesterday and told me that once again he spent all day on the trampoline at Nana's house.

Today he has a fever.

I told him he's not allowed to go to Nana's anymore because he always comes back sick.


My back hurts.

Forrest Whitaker won the oscar for best actor.

Times, they are achanging.

I remember when IF a black person was nominated, we knew who WASN'T going to win the oscar. In the past ten years, 3 black men have won for best actor.

Only one black woman has won in the past 10 years.

But anyway, when Forrest won I was thinking "Damn, they sure are giving oscar to a lot of black people!"

HOW SAD IS IT that in 79 years,6 or 7 black people seems like a lot?

Whatever, I haven't seen any of the movies and won't until they come on TNT. Maybe not even then.

I only flicked back to see who won best actor and actress and ONCE AGAIN the ceremony went AT LEAST 30 minutes over.

Why don't they just schedule it for 4 hours and then IF they get done before the alloted time is over, we can be proud of them?

I hate award shows for that very reason.

I really don't care to hear all the acceptance speeches, all the damned patter between winner's speeches, and I don't need to hear the songs from the movies.

I don't even know why I care enough about who won best Actor & Actress to find out.

I was watching the "Dog the bounty hunter" marathon on A&E.

It's not one of the shows I normally watch.

Things I know about Dog now

He says "Bra" and "Brother" a lot.
He was in prison for murder!! (Why is it that murderers get out of prison but people selling drugs stay in there for life??? I know someone will argue that drug dealers kill a lot more people with their drugs than a murderer. BUT the dealers don't MAKE people take drugs. All the people who die from overdoses are just slow suicides.)
His wife, Beth, has some of the biggest tits I've ever seen. Her back must hurt her uuuurrry day!

That is all.

I am going to lie down.

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