Thursday, February 15, 2007

Odd Blogs

So, I've been surfing a lot of blogs lately.

Some of them are just stuff I'm not interested in. Like finance. I don't give a flying fart about finance. I click the "do not view again" option.

Some blogs are funny. Or at least confusing enough that I have to go back again to figure out if the funny was an anomaly or the usual. I click the "bookmark site" option.

Some are just weird. Like the "Stuff I find" blog. It's just pictures of stuff the writer has found.


No idea.

Anyway, there are blogs with pictures. Just pictures. One guy just has pictures of Disneyland.


I mean does he LOVE Disney? Is he a stalker? Why is it there? If we wanted pictures of Disneyland we could just Google it.

The blog that prompted this entry was one that just seemed so....ticked off.

I know I have my days where something pisses me off and I post about it. But that's not my entire blog.

I'm not even saying my blog is better than anyone else's, it's just different. Different strokes for different folks.

But an ENTIRE BLOG about complaints?

How sad is this person's life?

He doesn't not seem like someone with whom I'd want to spend any free time.

Seems like a downer.

And now my judgement of total strangers is bothering me.

Complainer Blog Man might be really funny & the life of the party.

I can't really know that because all I see is what he posts. Complaints.

Life is too short to let my complaints take over my life...

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