Monday, February 26, 2007



I was really debating if I was going to watch it. I'm still pissed off about Studio 60 being on permanent hiatus.

I usually don't feel like watcing 24 until Tuesday when House is taping but thanks to effing American Idol, ONCE AGAIN, there's no House this week.

[WHY does Fox continually neglect to show their best series??? I don't CARE who gets voted off or who sings what. I want to know what HOUSE will do next. It's like every other week they take 2 weeks off. I HATE FOX!!! Stupid]

Anyway, before I get into Heroes, Jeff Goldblum is going to have a new series! It's called "Raines" and it premiers sometime in March. I can't remember the exact day. I'm SO EXCITED! I LOVE Jeff Goldblum!!! I always have. He might be the one to make me stop crushing on Hugh Laurie. IF the series is good. I hope it is. I can love Hugh & Jeff!!! It's not like I'm sleeping with either one of them.


So much happened in this episode! We found out that Claire's dad has been doing his job for 15 years. He knew when he 'adopted' her that she might turn into one of "them" and he knew that "they" (his bosses) would take her if she did.

Hiro's dad looks like one of the main men!!! There was NO CLUE about Hiro's dad - unless I fell asleep during one of the earlier episodes, which is a distinct possibility. I wonder if Hiro's dad knows that Hiro is a hero? I wonder if he's trying to protect him like Claire's dad was.

The biggest surprise, to me, was finding out that Claire's dad isn't the asshole we thought he was. He actually loves his daughter and he WAS trying to protect her all this time. YAY! He was shot and had the Haitian wipe his memory to keep her safe! Awwwwwwww.

I love this show! Even though they give you more questions with each episode, they answer a lot of the questions every week. That's awesome!

The biggest questions are still WTF is going on and who wants the Heroes? For what reason? But I'm willing to stick with it as long as it stays good.

Prison Break has lost a lot of my interest ever since they broke out of prison. How can Josh (I'll always think of that detective guy as Josh since he used to be on As The World Turns) always be one step ahead, or at least even with Michael & Link?

That should be another post.

I'm so excited!

Heroes was great. Jeff Goldblum is getting a new series. And I had some hot wings for dinner.

Happy Happy Joy Joy.

I'm out.

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