Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I DID IT! (This is what happens when you have no life)

Entrecard 300 DropsI started Serial Entrecard Dropping this morning in order to get enough credits to advertise on the blogs that have brought me the most traffic. Meaning, I've advertised there before, gotten a lot of clicks, but now they cost sooooo many EC to advertise that I hadn't been back. Not that their rates are too high, but that I normally drop about 20 cards a day so I earn about 40/day. (20 from dropping, 20 from cards being dropped.)

While I was doing it, I found a blog owner who said he'd gotten 300 clicks in one day, which is the limit, apparently.

Out of curiosity, I wondered if I could do it.

I wondered how long it would take. If it would be hard, etc.

It wasn't hard. I just loaded my Entrecard Link Love post & went to town.

There are more than 300 links on that page, btw.

I was able to clean up my page too. I took out all the links that I found that don't work OR don't show the widget.

I haven't gotten through the entire list.

Anyway, it really didn't take all day.

I was a post whore at JJHF. I visited all my usual sites. I ate lunch & dinner. Took a 2 hour nap *thud*, went to youtube looking for Katt Williams.

All kinds of stuff.

It wasn't hard for ME.

Anyway, it really isn't any real achievement. It just goes to show that:

A) I have no life
2) I'll do anything when I'm bored.


BTW, I put my own EntreCard on top of the original image that was showing up when I actually reached 301. Because I think I show enough love for Entrecard already, LOL.

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