Monday, November 06, 2006

I got my left leg back!!!!!!!!!

For the past several months, my left leg has basically been something I had to drag behind me. Couldn't lift it AT ALL. So when I went up stairs I had to go up with the right leg and drag the left leg behind me.

It's why I had to get the walker with wheels. I couldn't carry the other walker and move my leg at the same time.

This morning I was asleep and dreaming. (Hugh and I were walking in some kind of cave and he was mad at me because he said I don't take care of myself...) But there was a spasm in my left leg. It kept happening. It pissed me off enough that I woke up and left Hugh, LOL.

I realized I was hot. I kicked the covers off of me with my left leg....

WHA???? It moved on it's own????

I woke up completely then. I kept raising my left leg off the mattress because I couldn't believe it. I thought I was still dreaming. So then I sat up because I had to go to the bathroom.

And I thought "As soon as I stand up and try to walk, I'll KNOW this is a dream because the fucking anchor that is my left leg will not move."

I high stepped to the stairs!!! My leg was coming about 2 inches off the ground (2 inches is high stepping when you haven't been able to do more than drag for months)

I sat on the toilet for the first time in weeks without feeling like I was going to fall!


I even came down the stairs like an adult, LOL. Not like a toddler who has to put one leg down and then bring the other leg to the same stair.

I was just walking (with my walker) around the living room.


The leg is still weak from months of inactivity (dur). And it shakes like a mofo if I stand up too long, but it's WORKING!

I have to get some ankle weights or something to work it & strengthen it up so I can put the geedee walker in the closet where it belongs.

I'm so happy!

I remembered what I wanted to say before. I keep forgetting I can move my leg on it's own now so I keep lifting it with my arm. Habit, LOL.

Yippie Skippie that I don't have to move my leg with my hand anymore!

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