Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Did NOT have a joy joy day today

Yesterday I called my mother to tell her I wanted to ride with her when she went to vote. (Mom, Grandmother and I go together every time. But I still have to call and ask for a ride. WTF??)

She said she had to take my grandmother to the doctor and she had to go to the dentist. So it would probably be late before they went to vote.

I said "Ok, well Evan has plans after school and I have to pick him up so I'll just go vote then."

10:00 am she shows up. I hadn't taken a shower yet. So she waited in the car for me to throw on some clothes.

On the way back to the car which she parked 3 fucking feet from the curb (Too close for me to use the walker until I got up on the sidewalk but too far for me to just step up on the sidewalk) I stepped in a frigid puddle.

My pants were soaked halfway up my calf.


When I got home I REALLY had to go to the bathroom, so I didn't take my shoes off before I went upstairs. The shoes are biking shoes with little pegs on the bottom. They got stuck in the carpet and I fell up the stairs.

So I ripped my shoes off and got up the stairs before I could piss myself.

Fell down onto the toilet seat because Evan left his geedee towel in the floor after his shower and I tripped over it and the whole toilet seat broke off. (It's been loose for a while. I bought a new toilet seat but I can't get the screws out to put the new one on.)

That was fun.

Took a shower.

Slipped on the floor getting out of the shower.


Fell down and almost did the splits. (I didn't know I could still do that...)

Went to the bedroom to put on lotion and shit. Fell over MORE of Evan's shit in the floor. He acts like his toys and all the clothes he takes off before he goes to bed belong in MY room instead of HIS hamper.

Fell back flat on my head. But the carpet is thick, so it didn't hurt.

What hurt was crawling on my knees to the bed so that I could use it to pull myself up off the floor. It took 3 or 4 tries because my weak leg kept collapsing before I could get a grip on the bed and I'd slide back down to the floor.

Finally got up.

Now I hurt.

In my gut.

It's driving me crazy.

I don't even know why my stomach hurts. It's like cramping or something. Not diarrhea...just aching. I only had a piece of leftover pizza for dinner. That was hours ago. I took Pepto HOURS ago because I had heartburn before I even ate the pizza.


I had heartburn and ate the pizza anyway. I don't give a fuck. That's what pepto is for.

Why is it that when I have an awesome day, the next day FUCKING SUCKS!?!?!?

I'm going to lay down and re-watch tonight's House episode.

After I watch "The Unit" so I can forget it by the time I wake up tomorrow and not be able to discuss it with Track, LOL.

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