Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Things my mother ruined for me.

I started thinking about this because JFo wrote about air freshener at JJHF.

"i hate when people use lysol spray as an air freshner

it is not an air freshner

it is a disenfecant spray

not to cover up poo smells

so gross

it makes me puke"

This is what I posted in reply to her original post:


It was YEARS after I moved out of my mother's house before I used FEBREZE to freshen up my furniture.

She had like 57 different "air fresheners" that never really freshened the air, they just made it heavy with fucking rose scented mist. Didn't cover up the shit smell. Or the sardine smell. Or the 3 gallons of bleach she used to mop the floor and then poured in into the toilet and didn't flush so if you sat down before you smelled the bleach the fumes would start burning your sensitive areas.

But I digress.

I HATE air freshener.

Scented candles. Or incense. That's all.

Linen scented. Or something clean and not cloying.

But that got me thinking about other things that my mother ruined for me.

1. Pork
I didn't eat pork until like 2 years ago. It seemed like every other day we had fucking pork for dinner. Because "Daddy likes it." She didn't care what the rest of us thought. We HAD to eat it. There was no having something else for dinner in that house. There was no skipping dinner in that house. She made it, we had to eat it. BTW, I haven't had liver for...19 years. DADDY liked it. So I was FORCED to eat it. That's child abuse IMO.

2. Fruit punch
That was my father's favorite. And you couldn't make new kool aid until the old kool aid was all gone. So I had a swimming pool's worth of fucking fruit punch and I CAN'T STAND THE TASTE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

She acted like we were poor. Like kool aid costs what, 15 cents today? I don't know. All I know is that it was cheaper 20 years ago. If you poured out 2 cups, it's not like pouring out a bottle of Dom Perignon. What the hell? HE liked fruit punch. Why couldn't HE drink it all????????? My brother won't drink anymore it either. Or grape.

what else?


I didn't eat mayonaise or tuna until Evan was 2 and I went to his cousin's first birthday party and my aunt had made mini tuna fish sandwiches. I ate 1 to be polite. Then I ate the other 3 cause the shit was good, LOL.

But that's more my brother's fault. He told me that mayo was elephant snot or something so I wouldn't eat it as a kid.

Anyway, I will come up with more stuff my mother ruined for me when I'm more Angry PMSsy. This month I'm Weepy PMSsy.


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