Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Last night's blog which wouldn't post last night.


I typed the title and hit enter.

It posted this, LOL.

I'm currently editing the post that had nothing but a title...


I got ABOFAL today!!!!!!

I'm SO glad it's funny! WHEEEEEEEEE. I was worried that the best bits are on youtube and I'd be getting a bunch of crappy skits. Like SNL is mostly crap these days, and once in a blue moon something is funny. Laugh out loud funny.

But ABOFAL is CLEVER. I love that!

I guess it's kind of adult humor? I don't know. Evan watched a part of one disc with me and he only laughed at the physical humor. He kept asking me "Why is that funny?" I had to pause it to explain. I will watch the rest when he's a school or asleep because I HATE people talking while I try to watch TV or movies. That's why I LOVE tivo. Because I can pause and rewind. I missed so much tv before Tivo. I used to have Evan trained and he'd only talk during commercials. But that was pre school. (I mean before he started going to school, not when he was pre school age.)

Where was I?

Since I had a busy morning, I was falling asleep during the first disc. I think I saw 2 1/2 episodes before I decided to turn it off. Then I woke up, of course.

I only have the narcoleptic urge to fall asleep when I want to stay awake. When I want to sleep... wide awake.

I think I'll watch the rest of it now.

Maybe the soothing sounds of Hugh's voice will lull me to sleep.

If not, I can always put House back in the DVD player. I LOVE sleeping to that, LOL. It's taken the place of the radio. Just put in the disc with my favorite episodes and set the dvd player to repeat all night, and watch until I fall asleep.


I might watch House anyway. :-)

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