Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Mom's DVR

The guy hooked it up.

When I got there, I saw that her old ass DVD player was in the same compartment as the DVR. There was about 1 inch of clearance around the whole thing. The guy couldn't hook up the DVD player because she has an old ass TV that she refuses to part with and there was only one place to hook shit up to it. (In the back).

So I said "Well, just move all that stuff into another room. The DVD player in your bedroom is better anyway" (it's the some one I have. I hooked it up. That TV is newer too, so all she has to do is put it on the SVID video channel and press play.)

She said "NO! There's only one other place I can put it, and there's a VCR in that room."

Me - You NEED to get rid of the VCR. Replace all the frigging VHS tapes that you never watch with DVDs. You don't need a VCR anymore, you have the DVR to record your soaps and Rev. Fred Price on Sundays.

She - I'm not getting rid of the VCR. It still works.

Me - Because all you do is record crap that you never watch. It's hardly been used in the 15 years you've had it.

She - sticks out her tongue at me.

So the next day she called and said the DVR wasn't working. I went over there. I said "It feels hot. I told you there's not enough space for it in there with the DVD player too. It needs room to breathe."

She - I'm not moving the DVD player. Your brother is going to hook it up for me. I'll just call the cable company and tell them I don't want this.

Me - *Rolling eyes* Ok.

She - Well it's not even working.

Me - BECAUSE IT'S TOO HOT! My DVR is beside the TV. Nothing is on top of it or around it so it has plenty of air cirulating around it. Didn't the guy who hooked it up tell you that if it gets too hot it will shut down?

She - I think I remember something like that.

Me - Just unhook the power cord from the DVR and let it cool off. Go shopping or run errands and when you get home, plug it back in. I'm sure it will be fine.

I left.

She called me about an hour later.

She - I hooked it back up and it's still not working.

Me - IT'S NOT COOLED OFF YET! Don't you have some shit to do today? Go to wal-mart. Have some chinese for lunch. Give the box time to become COLD. I'll come over at 1 pm and hook it back up.

She - Well I put a freaking fan in front of it and took a shower. It had time to cool off.

Me - *nothing*

She - I don't know what time I'll be home.

Me - Well call me when you get home and I'll come over.

She - *Sigh* Ok.

So at 1 o'clock (which is the time I said I'd come over anyway, you'll remember) she called.

I went over. Plugged the power cord back in, and of course it worked. She's put it on a table in front of the TV. *rolling eyes* I told her if she'd just get rid of the damned old ass DVD player she'd have enough room in the entertainment center for the DVR to be without it overheating.

She's such a packrat.

I'll go over there in a year and the DVD player will still be there, not hooked up, because my brother just agrees to do shit and never does it. The DVR will still be on that little table in front of the TV and she'll be complaining about the space it takes up and how she has to vacuum around it.

But will SHE do anything about it?

Will she take my suggestions?

Hell no.

She's a difficult woman.

That's where I got that...

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