Saturday, September 16, 2006

Well my mom came over yesterday.

I told her I had found a lot of Al Green videos on youtube.

I like a lot of his music too, so I didn't mind watching them.

You've got to see this one, though. What the FUCK!!! He looks like a broke pimp. I asked her if he was still sexy after she saw that. Those hot pants, the magenta tank top. LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said, "Now when I hear that song I'll be seeing that clip in my head...."


We were in Germany during the 70s, so she didn't get to see a lot of the stuff on Soul Train. That's one of the best things about NOT living with my mother. I don't have to hear frigging Soul Train every Saturday and Gospel music every Sunday. WHEEEEE!

Then we watched some Otis Redding. She talked about how big his package was. *shudder*

So I made her watch some Hugh Laurie. :-)

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