Monday, August 07, 2006

Is racism just MY battle?

I was watching Judging Amy and in it, she and her CSO had to go to a different town to adjudicate (is that the right word?) a case.

Bruce (who is black) was driving and he got pulled over. Amy (the judge - the white female judge) asked the officer for his name. She knew Bruce hadn't done anything wrong.

Anyway, Bruce was just acting like "Same Shit, Different Day" and of course Amy was outraged.

After the cop left, Amy and Bruce had a discussion about the incident. And he basically said "This (racism) is MY battle to fight!"

At the end of the show he apoligized for his reaction to her outrage. But it got me thinking.

Racism hasn't ended.

But the Civil Rights Movement wouldn't have happened without some white people!

If a white person actually notices some racism and becomes outraged on my account, I don't think I'd be pissed off about it. I'd actually be glad that someone other than a black person sees the shit going on.

Another thing that amuses/confuses me is that white people get so outraged about racism.

My best friend gets pissed off if anyone tells a bigoted joke around her. And she hates for anyone to use the words "Nigger" or "Nigga".

Well...I guess it was white people like her who joined the civil rights movement in the first place.

Thank God for people like that.

I don't know if I'd get outraged on someone else's account. I mean, I don't like anyone doing anything to children. But I'm not testifying before congress or marching on their behalf.

I don't know what I think...


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