Monday, August 07, 2006


I forgot what I wanted to blog about.

But anyway, my cousin took Evan to FB practice today. My leg is killing me and I told Evan to call her and ask if she was taking her son. (He's absent as much as he is there.) But she wasn't there. He left a message.

Then I started getting ready.

Then after I got my shoes on we heard a knock at the door. She was here! YAY.

I've managed not to leave the house at all today!

My mother called this morning and asked me if I was going to take Evan to his new school so he could look around. I said "He'll look around when he gets there on Wed." (School starts wed, not today like I thought.)

She said "He's going to go to that big school the first time by himself?"

They had a tour of the middle school at the end of 4th grade. And all of his basketball games are there, it wouldn't be his first time.

But I put the phone on speaker and said "My leg is killing me. I just took some pain killers and I will be knocked out in 20 minutes."

I use the speaker phone because she doesn't want Evan to ever know what an evil woman she is and that she never wants to say yes to anything unless there is a witness to her self sacrifice. So she sighed and said she'd be here at 2pm to pick him up.


She didn't get her afternoon nap.

But I did. :-)


Anyway, when he got back he told me that the lockers already had combination locks on them. I asked him if he tried his combo. He said "Nana said we weren't supposed to mess with anything in the school yet. But I saw other kids trying their lockers!"

I said "I guess Nana just wanted to get home out of the heat."


I had him practicing his combination on the lock I bought all weekend so he'd know it by heart. That's one less thing to worry about on the first day of school. But we have 24 hours to at least memorize the new combo, even if he can't try it until Wed.

Would it have killed her to stand there for 2 fucking minutes so he could try opening his locker?

I guess so.

I don't remember her taking me to school on the first day of middle school. The only time she took me was when we had moved and it was a whole new school district.


I'm going to take some more drugs.

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