Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blonde Labrador

So my prejudice (she's prejudice against black dogs) mother has been SAYING she wanted a new dog forever.

Today I was getting a haircut and the stylist was telling me she and her husband have search & rescue dogs. They recently had a liter. One of them is 8 mos old but she won't "work".

My mother doesn't want a black dog. Doesn't want a big dog. Doesn't want a boy dog. Blah blah blah. Her list of no's is endless.

This is a female dog, pure breed, blonde, likes kids, likes to fetch and crap. (Stuff her current dog used to do before she became 18 years old.)

So I went by and told my mom about the dog. She started coming up with reasons why she couldn't get the dog.

Evan really wants this dog. I told her I'd pay half of the medical expenses.

We'll see what happens. But if she doesn't take this FREE DOG that looks almost exactly like her old dog, I'm never trying to help her again with the dog situation.

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