Monday, August 28, 2006

August 28

I have to make a list or I'll forget what I wanted to talk about:

Gene Simmons
House Season 2
US Open
Something else...

So have you seen Gene Simmons' reality show? It's family values or something. I don't remember. But when The Osbournes used to be on, I thought it was funny. This is funny too, but in a sad way. I never felt sorry for Ozzy. I feel sorry for Gene. His WHOLE LIFE is Kiss. Grow up. His kids are awesome, Shannon Tweed is aight, Gene is a narcissistic sad old man.

House Season 2 is great! I liked the way they had season 1 better. There were only 3 dvds so you could just flip them over to see the other side. This time there are 6 discs. The DID add some bloopers and alternate "valley girl" takes of some scenes, and commentary for 2 episodes.


I love Hugh.


Tennis, bitches, not golf. It's Agassi's last US Open. :-( He's the only reason I watched tennis! I love Andre too. Ever since he shaved his head. He's purty. And he has a nice ass.

I need to get laid...*sigh*

I have to go to the bathroom and I still don't remember what the something else I wanted to talk about was.


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