Friday, April 05, 2013

New License & Busted My ASS...Again

Feeling Normal

Old vs New License pictures. I've decided that in 2017, I'm just going to get my license renewed BY MAIL in January so I won't forget AGAIN! Sometimes I have brilliant ideas...

Sometimes it's good to be an insomniac. I ordered a new microphone for my PC & I CANNOT BELIEVE this deal I got!

I posted the Last Played songs on my iTunes. This is NOT an accurate reflection of play counts or anything because A) This is my "In the Car" playlist & 2) I don't normally listed to iTunes online. I usually listen to Songza because it reminds me of songs that I like but don't yet have in my collection. I just KNEW you wanted to know why I KICK ASS on SongPop, it's my diverse musical taste! ;-)

That is all!

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