Thursday, October 14, 2010

God hates my feet.

Feeling In Pain


hat's the only explanation I have for what the everloving hell is going on with my feet.

Yesterday, I was walking down the stairs, my ankle twisted and I fell.

Falling down stairsNo biggie. I mean, it hurt, but I was able to "sit" down immediately instead of falling all the way down the stairs and re-break my coccyx.

I have no proof that I actually broke my tailbone, because I refused to go to the ER and get an X-ray on my butt. I just know it hurt for months. Especially when it rained.

Anyway, it was 7 pm so... I just did what I normally do at that time which is watch TV, LOL.

I just got up. Had to go upstairs to use the bathroom.

OH.MY.GOD it freaking hurts! My right foot.

Remember I'm still healing from the stitches that my mother gave me when she tried to cut off my foot. Thankfully, it's mainly stopped bleeding. I've been extra lazy this week, LOL.

Anyway, called MD and she just got her eyes dialated so she can't drive me to my doctor's office and I really don't want to go to the effing ER again this year, let alone this month.

My doctor is not in today anyway. I made an appointment for tomorrow because there's an x-ray place right beside his office.


The Wish ListAs long as it doesn't start hurting more, I don't think one more day will hurt anything.

I'm going to prop up both of my feet and finish reading The Wish List by Eoin Colfer. (Evan got the Artemis Fowl books for Christmas one year and I enjoyed reading them. I think he read one of them...)

That is all.

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  1. whoa ! you betta stop all that fallin girl.
    you know you not made of nerf okayy.
    you should take your tiiiiiiiiiiime.
    don't be in a rush for nothing while you are
    walking bad. you know you are the most important
    element of all of this. so don't be pushing
    your luck sisterwoman.

    To Help Cheer You, here's a lil reggae song for you -From Bob And The BADGAL.
    Enjoy and Feel Better Soon

  2. Re - If I didn't injure myself, what would I blog about? ;-p


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