Saturday, July 04, 2009

New Computer

Feeling Sad


am enjoying some things about this new computer.

Some things tick me off.

I don't like the keyboard. Keys like "End" "delete"
are in totally different places. Now I actually have to LOOK at the freaking keyboard to type.

And even though I have this ginormous new monitor, the colors are all off. It looks faded.

Not to mention that this is 1600 x 900 when my old one was 1264 x 768 (or something) so my blog looks WRONG.

And I had so many plugins on Paintshop Pro, I can't remember them all.

AND I have to re-upload ALL of my songs to iTunes.

It will be weeks (or months) before I feel like this thing is mine.


MD did enjoy being able to watch Al Green in widescreen, which is practically lifesize. I told her that I'd better not find lip prints on my monitor, LOL.

Did I mention that I hate Windows Vista?




  1. I kept my keyboard to use on my new PC ;) I don't think your the only one that hates Windows Vista, I know several people that have had new PCs and they can't stand it, why Microsoft had to change windows so dramatically I'll never know!

  2. I don't know if you were using Office '07 or not before. But I just upgraded to that at work and it is like learning the computer all over again. They didn't keep anything in the same place. Good luck with it. It's gonna take some time to get fluid again.

  3. Blazing - I might give up and BUY windows XP. I hate being asked for permission for every effing thing I try to do.

    DG - *sigh* I wasn't using Office, but everything is still new. :-(

  4. I saw Al Green about 10 years ago. He was dressed in white. It was awesome. I can't even imagine changing my keyboard, even though I've had a better keyboard sitting next to me for two years.

  5. People - OMG, Mommy Dearest would freak out if she got to see Al Green live and in person, LOL.

  6. I am glad you got a new computer. I feel your pain at getting to know it. (Actually, I don't feel your pain because I use a Mac that Bill Gates has never touched, but you are my friend, so I am sad at what you are going through. Put it that way.)

    I have thousands of stuff on my iTunes - I didn't know you were also so into music. :) Good for you!

  7. I only have 548 songs on itunes so far. 1.5 days. I used to have over a week of tunes, LOL.


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