Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm craving Triscuits

Feeling Normal


o before I leave to go buy some, I thought I'd post this.


fail owned pwned pictures
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  1. Ew. How can you eat triscuits after that pic?

  2. DG - LMAO! By not looking at the picture while eating my triskets...

  3. That picture is so wrong on so many levels. I'm betting he's compensating for his small IQ (or something.)

  4. Yeah, I'm sure enjoying it. Bring us all some Triskets. I've never met anyone who actually CRAVED Triskets before. Odd.

  5. Marsha - He's probably just a douche. :-)

    Max - I'll let you have 1 serving of Triskets. That's 6 crackers.

    Craving burrito flavored ice cream would be odd. Craving whole grain is healthy. Or something...

  6. And he thinks he's cool because of it... Men... *sigh*

  7. That picture is kind of nasty, but it brings a question to mind: do women think chest hair is sexy or do they prefer a clean shaven chest?

    Leigh, that comment caught my attention. What about the current FAD with some of these gladiator shoes women wear? *sigh*

  8. Leigh - I'm sure he thought he was awesome way before that...

    Sawyer - I don't like chest hair, but some women do.

    I also think those gladiator shoes look retarded, but I'm not a fashionista, thank God.

  9. He probably thought he was being cute, but he just looks like one of those Tiki statues...LOL

    The nips are the eyes, the hair is the nose and mouth..

    and ughhhh those shorts definitely don't make me curious as to what is under them!!! Yuk!

  10. Kat - It may have been the only way to get him to shave his Robin Williamsesque body hair...

  11. (Screams and then rubs her eyes frantically to eliminate the image for all of time.)

    Gross. That's disgusting.


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