Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Random Tuesday - Rantish


may have PMS? I don't know. I don't feel ticked off about everything, just one thing. (Which reminds me, I need to refill my Xanax prescription...)


The impression that 1) I only visit Entrecard Blogs and 2) If I don't comment, I haven't been there.

First, if you don't have Entrecard, you don't know how often I stop by your blog, Max People.

I have several blogs in my sidebar and in my bookmarks that ARE NOT Entrecard users. I still stop by, sometimes I just have nothing to say.

Honestly, sometimes your chosen blog topics are not my cup of tea. I don't care about working out, or cooking gourmet meals, or homeschooling my child, or History. So I may speed-read through those type of posts to see if there's something that would interest me, but if it doesn't catch my eye, I move on for THAT DAY.

I don't even drop that much.

My Entrecard Drops

See? I'm not one of those users that is just trying to drop to get credits. I actually read the stuff that people write, unless it's history or economics or specific to your country.

Second, even if your article interested me, it doesn't mean that I'll comment. I read Cardiogirl's blog every day, but I don't comment every day. Sometimes I have nothing to say and I don't feel that it's good form to comment "Hi, I was here!" rather than giving an opinion or offering something substantive.

Now, if you want me to let you know that I've been to your blog every day, even if I don't have anything worthwhile to say, I hate it for you.

When I find a blog/person that I like, I do not abandon them. I used to read Blanca Debree every day, even though I don't think I ever commented, she just amused me. I think she's changed her address, because the blog I found was not the same that I used to visit.

I am, at heart, a lurker. How do you think I find all the posts for my High Five Fridays if I'm not going through hundreds of blogs a week? I read that stuff, you know.

I think I must have PMS. Because my flipping feelings were hurt when I read MAX's response to my comment the other day when he asked where I had been.

My Steampunk RingDude, you gave me a ring. We're, like, cyber engaged or some shit. (Kidding, don't show up at my house or anything...)

I just can't read those posts about history or science without my eyes crossing.

Oh, yeah!

There are other places I go online. I don't just read blogs. So I'm participating in forums, tweeting, writing e-mails, designing stuff on Paintshop Pro for people with cute babies, etc. I have a virtual life! Not to mention that I have to watch TV and movies so that I'll have something about which to blog. I occasionally vacuum or wash dishes (though Evan would disagree with that). I have a real life too. Kind of.



  1. Woo! I feel ya! I use EC as a sort of RSS bookmark and check out blogs as I go. If I see something that I think warrants a comment, I'll leave one. Otherwise, I just get a laugh or scan a post and move on. If I got a comment on every person who viewed by blog I'd get about 25K comments a month and while that'd be awesome, I'd never be able to keep up!

  2. Julie - So you feel me, then. :-)

  3. See, I like how you said that. I do have a virtual life. I need to start saying that. I love to read the blogs I come across too. I feel like if I just leave a "hi" comment every day that will seem could of stalkerish.

  4. Mmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm. I'm new here, but I see that we are sharing a similar vibe today. My Tuesday post also finds me in the throes of PMS.

    I'm also with you on the commenting. Only comment when I have something to say and follow after a couple of good reads prove out that we have a "thing" (but not in a weird way).

  5. Blanca is there. It's on blogspot. I'm saying "it's" because I'm not sure it's a woman writing there, to be honest. Could be. I can't believe s/he/it had a Townhall blog. They didn't get the joke?

  6. 1stop - I know! I don't comment on MOST of the blogs I read because I have nothing to add.

    DG - I understand what you mean. You have to read a blog a few times. Because sometimes that first good post you read is the only good post, LOL.

    People - I wondered about that myself. (If Blanca is really female.) I assumed all of her blogs were tongue in cheek, but I'm sure there are people out there who really think like that. :-)

  7. i so love the way you write Angelika! you made my day again :) and i do love your High Five Fridays! you go girl!

    Bing (",)

  8. Found you through CardioGirl! She's a hoot and the comments are even more fun.

  9. I subscribe to the 'low-stress' blog reading/commenting philosophy, myself. If I don't have anything to say, I don't say it. I tried reciprocating every comment I got initially, and I totally can't keep up.

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Has the entrecard box disappeared from your blog or am I being blind? (or bling as I just wrote!)

    I'm upto date on House now btw! Interesting story line but Taub was a bit dopey "oh I slipped!"

  11. I loved this:

    "Dude, you gave me a ring. We're, like, cyber engaged or some shit."

    And I did not get the announcement card on the cyber engagement. The ring is really cute, by the way.

    And now I truly am dying to read Blanca Debree especially if she's a dude.

    Thanks for the shout, I have to agree that commenting can get out of hand. Sometimes I feel compelled to add just something as a virtual post it to say, "Hi! I stopped by!"

    But I also feel like I need to be in a relationship with someone who's pretty confident. I might not call every day. Sometimes I do wash my hair on Friday night, for real.

    And sometimes I'm just not that into you and I take a break. But it doesn't mean we're not friends.

    It just means I might have a little PMS myself.

  12. PinkLady - Thank you! :-)

    Lin - Glad you stopped by.

    Keely - Sometimes I don't even have anything to say about the comments on MY blog, LOL.

    Angel - It's in the right sidebar. At the very top. Re Taub - That whole thing was GROSS!

    CG - I don't call my BFF very often. But she knows I love her and I know she loves me. When we do talk (as opposed to e-mail or text) it's like we talk every day anyway. Confident people are the best type of friends!

  13. OMG That's IT!! I have PMS. That is so what's wrong with me. I thought the world had just gone insane(r) and I couldn't deal with it anymore. I'm so glad you cleared it up for me...I hadn't even thought of PMS.

    I know what you mean about the comments. I suck at replying to the comments I get...what are you supposed to say to some of them? "Yep, got your comment. Thanks." Der!

    I do the same thing about actually reading blogs - that must be why I've never been able to drop 300/day. It takes me a couple of hours every day to drop the few cards I do - because I like reading the posts and looking at old posts and things. I guess I look at dropping as sort of commenting - you know I've been there, just didn't have anything to say. (No one who knows me would believe I'm ever quiet.) I love your blog, rarely miss a day, am thrilled to have made it to your esteemed High Five list, and just think you rock, in general. Sorry if I don't tell you that every time I drop by. lol

    And House and Cuddy? WTF?? But the whole last episode cracked me up...especially when Cuddy was at his place helping him detox - some of the comments they made to each other (and in general) had me rolling. Curing the nausea - Vicodin. Marijuana. A coma. Bahahahaha

  14. That's all so very true - although I have no clue what card drops are. In my real world I don't stop and just say "hi" to every person I pass at a party and then keep walking. That would be a little creepy. I'm selective with the conversations I jump into. So that's how I do it in my virtual world too.

  15. I'm the same way with comments. I don't always have something to say and saying, "good post" or something seems lame to me. So I read and move on. And if I am not into the topic, I glaze over...economics, etc...not my thing.


  16. I comment when I have something to say, and it's usually short and sweet. :) Like this one.

  17. Queen - I don't even want to talk about Huddy! I still want Stacy to come back, LOL.

    Kelly - Agreed

    Jello - :-)


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