Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Feeling Surprised


MLY, I just watched Obsessed on A&E.

It's a show about people with OCD and they get therapy to get over their obsessions. It's like Intervention for people with OCD. The first episode showed Helen & Scott.

"I mean, I still like to eat my M&Ms according to color from least to greatest, but I'm not checking the fucking alarm clock 50 times an hour."Scott had the OCD that we (probably) always think of. He was germ obsessed. He wouldn't have any garbage cans in his house (he took trash straight out to the garbage can in the back yard), he wouldn't hang up towels in his house (because he'd use them and put them directly in the washer), he couldn't have a real relationship.

His therapist exposed him to his "triggers" and after 3 months, he was finally living with his BF and NOT obsessing about everything. When his therapist came over for one of his "exposure" days, she told him she was on her period and had to use his bathroom. She made him find something as a trash can so she could put her "used" tampon in there.

After he got rid of the trash, she made him touch the basket that she had used as a trash can, put the clean towels in the basket & then touch them to his face, and not wash his hands or the bathroom.

You know he was freaking the fark out, LOL.

Helen was afraid of driving on the highway. Her father died from a bus crash about 2 years after her mother died of cancer.

She kept the clothes he died in, blood and all, and would wear them. She did the repetitive checking of alarm clocks, locks, stove burners, even asking her 3 children over and over again if they were wearing their seat belts.

I joke about being OCD. I mean, I am a little anal. Compared to the people I saw tonight, I am the most well adjusted human being EVER, thankya Jaysus.

I mean, I still like to eat my M&Ms according to color from least to greatest, but at least I'm not checking the fucking alarm clock 50 times an hour.


Anyway, I don't like to end on a low note (inside joke), so here's a rap from "The Mighty Boosh". It comes on Sundays at 1 am on Cartoon Network. If you haven't seen it, watch it. You can watch it on youtube, I guess.


  1. I'm glad that your M&M thing is just a quirk. It would be a shame if you were too germophobic to touch the keyboard anymore. Who could ever show as much love to Hugh Laurie?

  2. DG - It's really hard to be a germophobe when you live with a BOY, IMO. I'm not washing the freaking toilet & mopping the bathroom floor after every time he uses it.

    It takes too much energy to be truly OCD, I think.

  3. I think one of the dangers of these types of shows is that it encouarges the sort of rationalization you use. I don't know if your m&m habit is any indication of more serrious issues, angelika. I don't know you. Nor am I a therapist. However, speaking from personal experience it is very tempting to say "I'm not like the total crazies so I don't have a disorder."

  4. I saw this. There was a moment that I thought "I will probably relate to these people more than I will be comfortable w/"..... but then she put the dead Dad's bloody clothes on and I freaked. WTF.

    When she tackled it, you could sincerely see the relief in her eyes. That was cool.

  5. Zelliej1 - I didn't say I don't have a disorder, I'm saying that my OCD is not that bad.

    From the show, though, it seemed like there's usually some life altering event that switches it into overdrive.

    I do think that my particular "obsessions" could become overwhelming under the right (wrong?) circumstances.

    Monique - Yes, it was the best thing for her children. Poor woman probably felt abandoned by her parents and her asshole husband. :-(

  6. Hey now! I'm the least OCD person you'll ever meet but I eat my M&M's by color, too....usually the fewest of whatever to the most...no I truly am NOT OCD!

  7. Hold up!

    The Mighty Boosh on Cartoon Network????? Am I just confused or does it show non-children's programmes after a certain time?

  8. Margaret - Are you being sarcastic?

    GRA - Yes. I think after midnight they have "Adult Swim" which is shows for adults like Squidbillies, Robot Chicken, Delocated, etc.

    This is the 5th week I've seen Mighty Boosh, I think.

  9. I saw this show and immediately thought this is my favorite show of the summer. I suffered from OCD once, after my son was born my thyroid went completely out of whack (hypothyroid) I was a mess like Helen only not about driving. I obsessed about locking the doors at night, turning off the coffee pot, making sure the stove was off even though I knew it hadn't been used. It was crazy and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  10. You. Are. Too. Much. lol I watched that, too - even had a reminder set for it. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be...but it was still good. Between Intervention and Obsession, I also feel pretty well adjusted - which says something. I'm not sure what - but it says something.

    Take care of your back - you're in my thoughts. xx

  11. I absolutely must see that show. I CANNOT believe the therapist put her tampon on the trash and made him deal with it. Effing A, man.

    I get that he has to deal with stuff, but let's slow down a little.

    And the woman wearing her father's BLOODY clothes?! I'm checking Hulu right now.

  12. OH MY GOD!! Just watched the first three parts of that show and I truly cannot believe that he had to hold the towel on his face forever until his anxiety went from 7 to 4.

    I thought for sure his anxiety would stay steady at 10. AUUGGHHHH!

  13. I swear this is the last comment regarding the show. I couldn't believe Helen said to her father at the grave, "I can't wear your clothes anymore."

    Like her father is telling her, "You must wear these clothes." Dam. Nation.

    And like you, I'm feeling pretty damn normal right now. Thank you baby Jesus.



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