Friday, April 24, 2009

Well, that's not happening to me...


s I was checking Twitter, I noticed that Kathy from the Junk Drawer had tweeted about Entrecard scamming members.

So I went to check out the article.

The author said (among other things) that he is no longer receiving the 25 credits for blog posts every 3 days.
Entrecard Credit for posts

As you can see, I am. Surely I'm not the only one.

The author also said that you don't get credits for dropping on blogs with paid advertisements.

That is possible, but today I dropped, according to EC, 251 cards. I know there were some blanked out cards on some of the blogs that I visited. One of the Entrecard Moderators (or whatever) said that the ads were probably black from my Adblock plugin.

My Entrecard Drops
I KNOW I didn't drop 300 cards today (yesterday), I dropped on the cards in my inbox twice (which is about 50 cards each time) and then I dropped on my favorite EC Blogs.

Then I got credit for every time a card was dropped on me.
Entrecard Received Drops

So...what am I not getting credit for?

If the problem is paid ads, reject them. I have rejected about 50 of them, and I haven't received any penalties or experienced any problems. If you want to get credit for drops on your blog, don't accept paid ads.

I'm not saying that you don't get credit for dropping on blogs with paid ads, but since I didn't actually count the blogs on which I dropped, I have no idea.

People are dropping out of Entrecard like it's a crack house about to be raided by the Popo.

Fine, that's your prerogative.

But don't write articles falsely accusing them of doing something that they clearly are not doing.


  1. Damn, I haven't used Entrecard in so long I am not even sure if I remember how.

    Just reading this though makes it clear a lot has changed!


  2. Monique - Basically they started having paid ads in your widget. At first, they were going to penalize us for rejecting paid ads, but so many people left/threatened to leave that they said "Nevermind, we won't penalize you for not accepting paid ads."

    LOTS of people have dropped out of Entrecard.

    I haven't had any problems with them...

    Trade Show - Thanks.

  3. I'm no longer on EC but have been following the downward spiral of them ever since I demanded my account deleted on Mar 16. To my understanding the issue of not getting credits for blog posts was a software glitch. Some were reporting they were not getting credits for posts why some are saying they had not problems and a vast number of members simply not knowing because they don't take the time to check the transactions. When I was active on EC I dropped an average of 450 daily with my 5 blogs. I seldom checked transactions because I never really thought of it. So anyway, long story short is some are/were not getting credit for making blog posts. I have not heard whether the problem has been resolved.

    gardengnome1 on twitter

  4. What is the adblock plugin you mentioned?

  5. Journey - Thanks for explaining that! :-)

    Monique - Adblock Plus is a Firefox Add-on that blocks the paid ads that a lot of blogs and websites have so that I never even see them. I forget about it because it works so well for me.

  6. I don't get what the big fuss is myself. Honestly, who cares about the paid ads? It doesn't bother me, but it apparently freaks a lot of people out.

    I also checked my transactions after reading a similar post and found no could be a glitch some are experiencing or a lie, who knows.

    by the way, love the analogy of the crack house. So true!


  7. Kelly - I don't know what the big deal is either...


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